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What is DFX?

Rigor, Reliability, and Results through a focus on design outcomes 

Design for X (DFX) is an approach to engineering and design that focuses on a primary variable of a product or process, and narrows in on the design activities that will influence that trait or feature as the desired outcome of a project. If a company is looking to improve a product in the face of new competition or a market shift, extend the lifecycle (and profits) of an existing product who's components are harder to come by, or to quickly solve a new performance or compliance issue that has arisen, the focus of DFX can be a powerful tool. 

While there are many possible values for X, the most common points of focus involve manufacturability, testability, reliability, safety, serviceability, cost, and compliance - areas that can be defined, most often due to an issue that has arisen in a product.

For example, if product performance has become and issue (field failures, rejections at customer), a company may need to evaluate the product through a design review. Once the cause has been determined, a re-design will be necessary to overcome that issue. If the problem is associated with the ability to make performing components, then the approach would be to Design for Manufacturing of the product

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The goal of DFX is to focus attention on the variable and/or feature of interest capable of creating the desired outcome, given all other related considerations. In most instances, the variable X is not the only avenue that could be chosen for evaluation and re-design. Complex products or systems often have several variables that can be adjusted to result in improved performance, reduced cost, etc. However, the interaction of these variables are occurring inside of constraints, (often involving size, cost, performance, serviceability, etc.) all of which need to be considered.  

Product Development Experience Supports DFX

DFX is a tool that helps to understand the power of design in outcomes. But too narrow of a focus could result in multiple design iterations and unforeseen design conflicts within a company's products. It's important to focus on the objectives of your DFX, while also keeping product development principles in mind.  

Understanding of DFX principles within the larger context of product design and development will help you reach your objectives without creating additional issues. Working within a development framework while targeting your variable ensures a focus on objectives, and the outcomes you plan for. Do not use DFX as a way to sidestep known product development steps, such as specification development, product validation testing, risk evaluation, and other considerations. DFX must be practiced inside of the larger product development framework.  

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Impossible Challenge? Try Us. 

Selecting a partner to help you complete your design project is a valuable option to reduce project duration and save money.    

The Boston Engineering product development system encompasses DFX to ensure a smooth product launch and success in the marketplace.  Boston Engineering has DFX knowledge and experience to address aspects and values of a product such as manufacturability, test, reliability, safety, serviceability, cost, and compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

AR maintenance and serviceManufacturability is embedded throughout our product development process to achieve cost, feature, and performance requirements. Our product development plans target your manufacturing, cost, timeline, reliability and supply chain needs, as well as other critical requirements. 

Our primary DFX capabilities include:

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Design for Reliability (DFR)
  • Design for Serviceability (DFS)
  • Design for Testability (DFT)

Don't see your requirement here? Try Us! We can engineer what many others can only imagine.

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