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Additive Manufacturing’s Expansion and Influence

2024 Technology Outlook front coverThis article is an excerpt from the Boston Engineering 2024 Technology Outlook. For a copy of this article and the complete publication, visit the 2024 Technology Outlook digital download page. 

2024 will be another year with great growth in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). 

Increased accessibility to Additive Manufacturing, whether companies bring in house, or utilize through service bureaus specializing in rapid turnaround or leading-edge capabilities, will ensure rapid growth and increased adoption in the year ahead.


Additive manufacturing (AM) has been around for decades. As the technology has advanced, the rate of improved capabilities and available equipment has continued with the increasing adoption rate in industry, research facilities, the military, and in universities. 2024 will continue that trend.

For example, in the medical devices sector, we’ve seen an increase in companies using 
AM for rapid customization of prosthetics. AM’s unique capabilities will promote additional progress in the medical segment, in addition to custom prosthetics. AM allows effective development of a broader range of implants, increased use of AM for medical models and production of custom drill and saw guides and will continue to gain traction. As of Nov 2023, the FDA reported that over 100 devices using AM technologies have been cleared.

In aerospace, March of 2023 saw the Relativity Space Terran 1 with its first test launch of an all 3-D printed rocket, using several 3D print methods. Look for more applications continued growth in more “conventional” aerospace applications next year.

Several sources estimate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 20% (revenues from AM and related products sales) as we move forward during this decade. As we look to 2024, the level of activity in AM with improvements in available polymers and metals, technologies, tolerances and costs will continue. Expect continued advances with ceramic materials as well.



Embrace the future trends that are shaping a new era of engineering excellence.

The 2024 Technology Outlook from Boston Engineering offers an insightful glimpse into trends and innovations on the horizon. Spanning artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing, and more, this collection of articles provides key takeaways for those looking to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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Additive Manufacturing in the Design for X Space

Research and development from the established AM players, and innovations arising from startups promising to make 2024 another great year for the AM technology landscape. As technologies improve, AM is becoming more established in the Design for X (DFX) space. In contrast to the early days when AM meant ‘prototyping’, it is now becoming a more important tool in the DFX toolbox. Use of AM as a production approach for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and as tooling to produce parts will see an increase.

Look for continued growth in AM to support Design for Assembly (DFA) in building fixtures and tooling. This will extend to Design for Serviceability and Maintainability of product and systems through service tools and aids produced with AM.

Design for Serviceability and Maintainability will be improved with more organizations using AM to satisfy the generation of repair parts on premise, reducing the need to inventory parts, and mitigating delays due to lead times. This furthers the trend of reducing the reliance on supply 
chain elements out of an organization’s control.

Download this article and the complete publication by visiting the 2024 Technology Outlook digital download page today.


As the engineering landscape continues to evolve, Boston Engineering is committed to proactively integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies into the solutions it delivers, ensuring that clients stay at the forefront of industry trends and maintain a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond.



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